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Use of Cameras in Vehicles
Police Car Lights

Our Law Enforcement surveillance systems are designed with three key aspects in mind: quality of video, officer safety, and evidence integrity.Analyze the videos from the vehicles to detect any threats from terrorists or violent groups. This will help in prevention of possible future threats.Key Benefits:

  • Protect Officers against false claims

  • Prevent Possible Future Militant Activity

Our system for buses and public transit systems are built for efficiency to save you time and money. Continuous recording instills confidence in riders and provides video evidence needed to fight false claims. Enhance driver awareness by optimizing camera views, and increase ridership by reinforcing security and ensuring passenger safety. Safety for the masses! Key Benefits:

  • Deter vandalism and crime

  • Enhance Driver Awareness

  • Substantiate or refute false claims

  • Reduce risk of collisions

  • Enhance passenger safety

Coach Fleet
Taxi on the Street

Advantages of Taxi Security Cameras

Protect drivers - Cabbies are in a vulnerable position. They put their trust in their passengers. Security cameras can help to deter unruly passengers from acting out of line.

Deter violence - Whether the result of alcohol, or many other factors, violent confrontations can and do occur between cab passengers and drivers. 

Prevent robberies - When security cameras are onboard, anyone attempting to rob a cabbie will have to do so knowing their every move is being  videotaped. 

Monitor driver behavior - Passengers aren't the only ones with the potential to act out of line in a taxi cab. Drivers can also be guilty on occasion.

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