About the Service

1. What is the service that you provide?

A. We make sure that a ambulance is sent from the nearest hospital, your nearest relative is notified when an emergency occurs.


2. Do you have the ambulance service?

A. We do not have ambulance service. We contact the hospitals that provide ambulance service.


3. There are lot of apps outside that provide emergency help. Why cant i use them?

A. Yes there are lot of apps that provide emergency help. But survey reveals that even normal adults fail to react and reach out for apps during times of emergency. Our mission is to protect senior adults when emergency occurs.


4. Where is the service provided?

A. This is a company in India and the service is provided in India.


5. Do Husband and wife need to take seperate plans?

A. No, we provide an additional panic button at 9.99$. So for each base unit ,two panic buttons can be configured.


6. Does it cover all of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana ?

A. Yes it covers every place(City,Town,Village) in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Restrictions might apply for villages based on the availability of ambulance services.


7. Do you sell the devices?

A. No, we provide service and the device is a part of it.

About the Base Unit

1. Do you need wifi or internet for the device to work?

A. No, the device does not need any internet or wifi


2. How do you make sure that the base unit works?

A. As soon as know that the device has been setup, we ask the subscriber to send us a signal to make sure that the device works and is responding. We also continue to do periodic maintenances to ensure everything is intact.

About the Panic button

1. Is the Panic button water proof?

A. Yes, the panic button is waterproof and can be worn at any time

About Payments

1. What are the payment Options available?

A. Currently we only support paypal since paypal is the only gateway in India that supports auto-renewals in India. We will add more payment methods soon.


2. Can I make payments through credit card?

A. Paypal allows you to make payments through credit cards.