How the Service Works

We know how turbulent medical emergencies can be and how difficult it is to think clearly and make vital decisions in such situations. That is why we have designed a simple, easy-to-use and complication-free medical alert device like MiSuraksha Basic (even for seniors with memory and cognition difficulties). And the process is quite simple and articulate -

When an emergency occurs at the subscriber's location(person who is going to use our service) 

Step1: Press the Button

Press the button on the ERP device that is worn around the neck or around the wrist. Alternatively, you can press the big SOS button on the base device. 

Step 2: Instant Response, Assessment & Help Initiation

Within no time, the MiSuraksha Support team receives the alert from the device.

Step 2.a : Verify the Validty of the call

A qualified trained emergency responder from the MiSuraksha Support team will immediately contact the subscriber on their registered mobile phone number to validate the alert, assess the emergency and the nature of the subsequent help needed. 

Step 2.b : Call for Ambulance

In case of emergency , MiSuraksha Support team will directly call the nearest ambulance service/hospital without further delay. In case an ambulance is not available at the nearby hospital, we’ll keep contacting the nearest hospital/ambulance service/emergency help service until you have received proper help.

If we do not receive any response from the registered mobile number,we will still make the call for ambulance. 

Step 2.c : Notify Relative

A message and a call will be made to the nearest relative given during registration.  

Step 2.d : Notify Biller

We will send a message to biller's primary phone number. If an ambulance is sent, MiSuraksha Support team shall message the biller’s mobile number after an emergency service is processed ensuring a proper emergency aid to the subscriber.

The redundancy in alerting more people will help to save the person in emergency incase if an Ambulance on enroute fails to reach on time.

 The following video quickly shows how our service works