Core Values

Mi Suraksha believes in the right of freedom to everyone, irrespective of age and position. These are the 5 Core Values that we follow and adhere to:


Freedom and Independence are something we strive to attain right from our childhood and our parents are entitled to the same. Globalization has created myriad opportunities and nuclear families are an inadvertent byproduct of it. Parents and children might be separated by distance but not their hearts. Your heart always longs for your beloved parents thousands of miles away back here in your homeland. 

With Mi Suraksha at home, there can be no compromise on your Independence, Self-reliance and safety.


MiSurkasha comes from the school of thought ‘Safety is important than Convenience’. Our customers are our extended family and their safety is our prime priority anytime. Every Mi Suraksha device is CE Certified and comes with a promise. We employ cutting edge technology, authentic and transparent mechanism to ensure user’s safety. We know you are tired of alluring ads and tawdry products. We also understand that you have no time and money to spare on such products. Hence, MiSuraksha comes with a promise of quality and safety. We care for our dear ones more than ourselves and MiSuraksha is exactly for them. 


We are very particular about user’s faith and we understand Trust is built with consistency. We treat every other user as our own family and your emergency is ours too. We know there can be no place for any faux pas in case of a vital emergency and we give our best to see you ashore. So, you can count on Mi Suraksha without a second thought!

24/7 Support:

Emergency knows no day or night, dusk or dawn, summer or rainy. And once it hits, it can change lives. Mi Surkasha knows this pretty well and that is why, we are 24/7 on line at your service.  Any issue in the middle of the night, worry not… we are just one press away! Mi Suraksha will be waiting for your call.

No affirmations, confirmations, clearances or tedious formalities, a click in emergency… medical aid finds your way home… anytime, anywhere.

Comfort & Happiness:

‘Comfort’ is a popular word of late (thanks to Cinema) but it is a concept worth the importance. Whatever we do in life is all about the comfort and happiness of you and your beloved ones. Our Mi Suraksha device intends to gift you that smile back on your face even at the most unforeseen circumstances of life.

You can be sure about the safety of your parents and our device provides you the utmost luxury of being aided 24/7. If you are happy, we are happy too.


“Life is the sum of all your choices – Make the right ones”