What Makes us different

We live in a busy world that puts work and career before leisure and personal life. The ultimate objective of our hardship is to enjoy a hale, healthy and sustainable life and warrant the same for our family as well. Times change, lives change but love remains the same. You may be geographically separated but love binds you together. Mi Suraksha operates with that humanitarian approach towards safeguarding your health more than just selling medical alert devices.

We aren’t sure of the next moment in our life and what if we are too far from our loved ones to take care of? Life comes with no ‘guarantee card’ and sometimes all we need is that few extra minutes that would have saved life.  According to a WHO estimate (2012), the leading cause of death worldwide is the Heart diseases1 and in such cases most tragedies are reported due to lack of timely and quick help. What if the ambulance has arrived late or what if the doctor said few minutes earlier would have saved the life?

It is those small moments that make a big difference. With MiSuraksha, you are now guaranteed of those vital moments.

We understand you are a busy with work and you need to race against time in a day. You are occupied with work and suddenly you are informed of the unexpected that unfortunately knocked your door. Your parents need immediate help and the worst part is that you are not around. Frightened? Breathe a sigh of relief!

Now help is one click away and your knight in the shining armor in any medical emergency is here – Mi Suraksha

Gone are the days where you can rely upon some general laggard ambulance services. A reliable study reveals that even the most popular ambulance service takes an average of 25mins to come to the victim’s rescue and you know 20mins is certainly a timeframe that can change our fate. Moreover in metropolitan cities where we hardly get to know our neighbors, help is an uncommon virtue to expect especially when misfortune knocks our door. Sometimes awaiting help is also a fraught with danger, a situation one tends to avoid. During a medical emergency, there is no space for a snail and scope to err.  Now besides health, even information is wealth. Comprehensive, valid and up to date data of clinics/hospitals/dispensaries around you is our wealth and to assure that you are attended in time is yet another key distinguished trait of Mi Suraksha.

Purchasing a medical alert device is actually investing in the safety of your loved ones and now with Mi Suraksha, medical emergency will never be scary and hopeless anymore! 

They rightly say “Deep pockets can buy you anything under the sun but not Time and Life”