How It Started

If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.  
   Jeff Bezos, CEO
The greatest of all mistakes is to do nothing because you think you can only do a little.  
  Zig Ziglar



I was any other ambitious young man with big dreams. Settling in life and ensuring my family an affluent, secured life was my prime duty. And that is why I landed in the land of dreams California, US in 2007 leaving my parents alone back in India.

My lucrative job has given me everything to sit pretty but not my parents. Of course, I could be in touch with them – thanks to my smart phone! But sometimes when they don’t take my calls, I would get tensed. The first and foremost question to creep into my mind then is “are they fine?” Presumptions loomed over reasoning and my overthinking mind used to ruin my peace. Most of the times the reason for not taking my call was petty & obvious. And I only prayed that the reason shouldn’t be something serious but the mere thought “what if something happens?” never totally left my mind.

As they say ‘what you resist, persists’ and what I dreaded the most actually knocked my door that day.As a part of my daily routine, I called up amma one morning but she didn’t answer the call. Somehow I didn’t have a good feeling about it but I convinced myself that she would have been busy. So I called her up couple of times later and eventually got busy with my office work. To my horror, that was the day when my mother fell unconscious for an entire half day because she suffered a lethal blood sugar drop. Ironically she tried to answer my calls but couldn’t reach out to the phone and call a number.Fortunately our maidservant who attended her duty late in the evening noticed my unconscious mom and helped her up revive. Anytime late would have resulted in some serious consequences that I can’t dare to dream as well.

We had money, insurance and my mom had neighbors too but nothing could come to our rescue at that time. In a way this helped me realize that no matter how much you earn, how much opulent amenities or gadgets you arrange for, nothing is close enough to provide medical emergency help in the moment when you need the most. 

Similar events happened to my relatives and friends which got me into thinking ‘What Can I do to protect my parents?’ ‘What is available in the Market that can help us?’ and my observation told me that unfortunately most of them share the same concern.

My preliminary research revealed some shocking facts -

90% of the senior adults do not know the nearest hospital

90% of the senior adults do not use or want to use smart apps

90% of the senior adults do not know phone number of the nearest hospital

I was taken aback by my own findings and decided to do something that would help sons and daughters like me. Only then I was reminded of the existing 108 ambulance service system that tries to cater to the emergency needs. “But in times of emergency, do you think our elderly parents can use the phone?” is my question.

I am not a creator but I wanted to contribute an easy, less nonsense and cost-effective mechanism that can help the needy get an emergency help.


Ernest Rohit Katta   
(Chief Technology Officer)