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Warehousing in India has travelled far, from being glorified godowns to the modern, technically fitted floors with computerized specifications. The formerly concrete or low-grade steel godowns are now increasingly being replaced by pre-engineered, factory produced steel structures which are often assembled at a location. As the number of warehouses are increasing, there is increased thefts in the warehouses as well. You can also protect your existing godowns.

A warehouse is a fast-moving place where you need one eye on security efforts and the other on the flow of goods into and out of the facility. Let us develop a customized plan that can include intrusion Detection, burglar alarm, access controls, video surveillance as well as fire detection and fire alarms. Our integrated systems put the right cameras in the right places, smart DVRs and NVRs to record and manage your video operations. Using our remote viewing capabilities we can also enhance your security programs.

We will be able to provide you third party monitoring services based on the need so you do not have to worry about the hiring and managing.

Here is what we recommend

  • Indoor Security Cameras

  • Outdoor Cameras

  • Smart Locks with Video

  • Biometric Systems

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