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Integrations Made Easy

The following page will be useful if you fall into one or many of these categories:

  • You would like to integrate video into your app without too much hassle

  • You are interested in integrating video into all your applications

  • You do not have the skillset to work with a SDK directly

  • You would want to host your server on the cloud and record directly into a storage

Currently we have built APIs which can help to open a connection to a camera and play video or play recorded video.

These APIs are simple http APIs which will enable you to connect to our cameras through our cloud server or an enterprise version of our server which can be hosted. Our server could be hosted on your cloud and we would charge an annual license fees for the software.

Here is our simple architecture diagram:

2021-06-08 00_33_24-Building REST API.pp

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS , Please reach out to our integration managerS at
+91 99494 68381,+91 93539 57951

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