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The best engineering is invisible.It transforms complex technology into something simple and intuitive. MiSuraksha has just that - a powerful security camera that is deceptively easy to use.

Whether it is an apartment or house or a villa, you need to protect your personal belongings and more than that your loved ones. We offer a wide variety of a devices to protect your house. The market is flooded with many types of cameras and devices butt are all of them reliable and are of high quality? Our indoor cameras are very discreet and they easily blend withing the walls.

Are you worried that you need to purchase a lot of wiring and additional hardware? With Misuraksha you do not have to worry about wiring and make your walls look inelegant.

You can even wirelessly connect to your NVR so the recording can happen. If you are worried about internet, worry no more our cameras can record into a NVR even without internet

Here is what we recommend for Home

  • Indoor Security Cameras

  • Outdoor Cameras

  • Smart Locks with Video


Office security is one of the most fundamental concerns for all businesses, irrespective of their sizes and domains of industry. Any threat to the office assets or employees incurs  heavy losses on the business in the form of capital expenditure, health care and social securities. Even though small office security creates the impression that you have less worries, you still have to do some thinking and planning ahead.

While larger offices can afford costly, sophisticated and more integrated security systems, small office security system needs to be robust and yet fit budget constraints. On the upside, you dont need to think of a complex infrastructure. Our office security systems are designed to efficiently protect office assets from outsiders as well as employees

Here is what we recommend for Office

  • Indoor Security Cameras

  • Outdoor Cameras

  • Biometric Systems

  • Fire Alarm System

  • Fire Extinguisher

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