Emergency Response

Explanation of Charges

**This Service is currently available only in ANDHRA PRADESH AND TELANGANA. ***We will add other states soon.

Your MiSuraksha is not only safe and secure but is economical too. You can now stay protected with the much efficient MiSuraksha Basic now available at cost-effective prices. A basic activation fee of $39.99 will be charged for the first time on every purchase. You can even make a monthly, quarterly or yearly payment based on your convenience. You also have the option of automatic monthly payments – upon which the first month's subscription fee will be waived.

MiSuraksha Basic Packages includes

1. Service

2. Base Unit 

3. Panic Button (With Wrist Tag and Necklace Tag)

Plan Details

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Get home MiSuraksha Basic device and enjoy all of the following benefits:


· CE Certified device (100% safe and authentic)

· Simple to use, Easy to install

· Water-resistant emergency help buttons

· 24/7 monitoring and support

· No long-term contracts

· 600ft range in every direction

· 32-hour backup battery

· 2yr Product Warranty*

. Panic button has battery life upto 5 years(No Need for charging)

· Free Shipping

*Conditions Apply

Our MiSuraksha Basic EPR(Emergency Panic Response) device is aimed at keeping you or your lonely elderly parents safe and secured in your home especially during medical emergencies, home intrusion, fire and other home accidents. The process is very simple - the Cellular unit plugs into an electrical outlet and connects wirelessly through a popular cellular network. The base unit works in the combination with the waterproof necklace/wristband, when pressed, can gain immediate help up to 600 feet in every direction of the house. Unlike mobile phones, the panic button need not be charged and has a battery life of 5 years and the base device can work without electricity for 32 hours.

Not Available

** All Accessories are included. Your sign, security deals, batteries, odhesive strips for easy mounting, and optional screws for screws-in mounting
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